• Hydra-Fill DIY Facial Kit - for instant 3D hydration, plumping and brightening.

    Universal 3D hydration Hydra-Fill DIY Facial Kit is the closed to an instant beauty treatment you can find, combining hyaluronic acid with rare and new probiotic algae. Hyaluronic acid helps the skin retain moisture, instantly firming up the skin and making it smooth.

  • The face-slimming Lipo-Oval Concentrate is an intense treatment solution encouraging facial sculpting within a few weeks of use and providing an age-defying effect for plump or puffy faces.
  • The highly effective face-slimming Lipo-Oval Mask fights facial puffiness, malar bags and double chin, sculpting the face and helping to brighten the complexion.
  • Myo-Fix DIY Facial Kit — Mimic Wrinkle Control

    Myo-Fix DIY Facial Kit helps smooth mimic wrinkles while still maintaining perfect control over facial expression.

    No Botox anti-wrinkles DIY facial Myo-Fix provides a great alternative for those wanting soft and natural looking results. No needle solutions act more globally, treating wrinkles as well as dehydration, pigmentation and acne.

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