The Tweakments Guide: Start with Skincare by Alice Hart-Davies


The ultimate insider’s guide to understanding skin care: ‘The best £10 you can spend on your face’

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Using the right skincare is key to achieving a fresher-looking face. But which products should you try? Which ingredients are just hype? What’s best for wrinkles, pigmentation or rosacea? Can good skincare delay the need for tweakments? This is an expert guide to this fast-growing field.

Alice Hart-Davis is a multiple award-winning journalist and one of the UK’s leading writers on skincare. For 20 years she has had a ringside seat as skincare has moved from being “hope in a jar” into the realms of high science. She has interviewed scores of brand founders, formulators and dermatologists. She has reported on all the new miracle creams and “beauty-science breakthroughs” and this book tells you what she has learnt along the way.

Anyone who wants advice about which products would work best for them based on their budget, skin type and concerns.

Anyone who wants to understand more about skincare science – the high-tech ingredients used, how they work and what makes some products more effective than others.

Anyone who wants to build a skincare regime but doesn’t know where to start.

This book will tell you:
what great skincare can do for your skin – and what it can’t.
the seven key rules for keeping your skin clear, healthy and in good shape.
which products can help most for specific concerns like acne or rosacea – and how to put them together into an easy-to-follow regime.
whether we should worry about “toxins”, “nasties” and “clean beauty”
why a skincare routine doesn’t have to be complicated in order to be effective


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