Spectacle Performance Crème


100% vegetarian.

Skin type:

Suitable for all skin types, this product is non comedogenic so can also be used by those with oily and acne prone skin but perfect for sensitive skin types.

A multitasking moisturiser that addresses skin dullness, dehydration and inflammation in one dose, simplifying skincare whatever your lifestyle. Fragrance-free and full of powerful antioxidants and brightening ingredients.


You can apply Performance Crème both morning and evening and it layers exceptionally well with other products. We recommend using it after you’ve cleansed your face and applied serums. Its unique gel/cream texture is excellent for priming skin before makeup application, and it will never ball up under foundation. Our packaging uses next-generation sustainable materials that are far friendlier to the Earth than traditional papers and plastics.

Spectacle Skincare is a science-focused brand that works with one of America’s leading cosmetic research and development teams, who have over 30 years’ experience creating award-winning products. Our formulas are intelligent, fragrance-free, gender neutral and suitable for all skin types. They are ideal for improving concerns such as skin ageing and sensitivity.

Spectacle Performance Crème is fragrance-free, as we believe perfumes and essential oils, so commonly found in a wide array of cosmetic skincare, are inflammatory and hugely counterproductive to skin health, as the first cause of skin/cell ageing is inflammation.


Spectacle Skincare use the most sustainable and planet-friendly materials possible for their products and shipping materials. The eco and cosmos-certified tube is constructed from a spruce-wood and sugarcane compound. The box is made from acid, chlorine and chemical-free hemp paper and 50% of the fibre is sustainably sourced from European hemp fields, the remaining 50% is post-consumer recycled waste


5% Safflower Oleosomes

Oleosomes are the powerhouse nutrients that start life in the seed. In our formula, the oleosomes work as a time-released delivery system, slowly collapsing throughout the day, delivering phospholipids and vitamin E to the skin, morning, and night.


4% Gallic Acid

A next-generation polyphenol derived through green biotechnology, which blocks melanin production at several levels and protects the skin from inflammation. It is 60 times more potent than kojic acid in brightening the skin tone.


0.1% Encapsulated Retinoid Complex

An encapsulated form of stabilized retinal that works without any of the traditional irritation. It helps refine skin texture, enhances skin barrier function and protects collagen.


1.5% Niacinamide

Works to help improve uneven skin tone, diminish dullness, and soften fine lines and wrinkles while strengthening the skin’s defensive barrier.


2% Copper Amino Acids

A synergistic blend of copper and essential amino acids produces a pure source of bio-energy which can naturally diffuse into the skin, helping to re-energize cells and promote the production of collagen and elastin.


Bio-Fermented Squalane

We are using sugarcane and yeast with the latest fermentation technology to produce a sustainable and eco-friendly squalane that provides superior hydration to the skin.


4.5% Peptide Complex

Our proprietary blend of peptides boosts the production of six major components of the skin’s matrix: collagen I, III, IV, fibronectin, hyaluronic acid and laminin 5 for a denser, more youthful-looking skin.


Multi-Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid

An excellent hydrator that works on multiple levels of the skin like a sponge to draw in moisture, giving a youthful bounce and pleasing plump. It helps active ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin’s cellular layers.


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