Peel2Glow Skin Bloom 5 Treatment Kit


Two steps. Five treatments. Ready to use. Easy to apply. Immediate results.

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Bring a clinic quality treatment to the comfort of your own home with Peel2Glow. This innovative home treatment combines two serums, each containing the optimal dose, which are kept potent and fresh within their ampoule packaging. The first step is a Purifying Solution with a combination of Glycolic and Mandelic Acid to remove dead skin cells and combat impurities for a smoother skin texture that allows better absorption of the active ingredient in the next step. Step two is the Skin Bloom Solution, which moisturises and protects skin against external pollutants that can cause free radical damage and accelerate the ageing process. The solution is formulated with Vitamins A, C and E that work to enhance skin tone, texture and radiance. This two-step treatment process rejuvenates and revitalises skin with the perfect combination of active ingredients to achieve radiant and glowing skin.


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