Revitalising and brightening Nrj-Soin Serum is an antioxidant cocktail with rejuvenating and stimulating effect. Based on niacinamide, Nrj-Soin revitalising serum has a powerful brightening and stimulating effect, highly beneficial for the skin. Lightweight gel made of sugar cane extract moisturises the skin and helps it retain water. Bilberry extract strengthens capillaries and evens the skin tone. Aloe vera extract soothes the skin, suppresses inflammation and helps protect the skin from UV damage and free radicals. Citrus medica (Buddha’s hand) extract boosts skin radiance with a large dose of vitamin C and anti-glycation/anti-age antioxidants. Sweet orange extract detoxifies congested skin, reduces puffiness and helps regenerate damaged skin, especially in cases of acne. Revitalising and brightening serum effectively prevent unwanted pigmentation after laser treatments, chemical peels and IPL treatments.