Lipo-Oval Masks (5)


The highly effective face-slimming Lipo-Oval Mask fights facial puffiness, malar bags and double chin, sculpting the face and helping to brighten the complexion.



The stretchy mask is made of golden bamboo fibre soaked with active gel that provides an active fat-splitting effect, reduces puffiness, eliminates blotches and uneven skin tone, calms and moisturises the skin. Caffeine enhances fat splitting and reduces local fat deposits providing a face-slimming effect. Extract of Chinese yam helps maintain the skins elasticity and the masks contain a powerful capillary strengthening complex to restore microcirculation, drains excessive liquid and brings back capillary elasticity.

Further slimming, smoothing and moisturising ingredients include, amino-acid Arginine, Pullulan, the polysaccharides of the Japanese fungus Aureobasidium, Panthenol and marigold extract.


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